Guy Slabbinck (1979) was born in Bruges (BE) and lives and works in Ghent (BE). 


Master's Degree LUCA School of Arts Ghent

Standby Painter, with Amir Yatziv, curated by Agata Ciaston, MWW Muzeum Wspolczesne Wroclaw Contemporary, PL 
A Burning Bush. Solo exhibition at NK Gallery, Antwerp, BE
On the Move. Groupshow at Blanco Ghent, BE
Summershow. Groupshow at Galerie Zwart Huis, Knokke, BE

Visions Du Reel Nyon, CH
Docaviv, Tel Aviv, IL
Stanby Painter, Guy Slabbinck and Amir Yatziv. With support of VAF, Ostrovsky Fundand Israili Ministry of Culture. Krakow Film Festival, PL

Once We were Painters. Solo exhibition at Galerie Zwart Huis, Knokke, BE
Beauty in Destruction. Groupshow at NK Gallery, Antwerp, BE
Sphinx Cinema: De Witte Muur #21

10 Years Artist of the Month. Zebrastraat, Ghent, BE
Scramble for Africa. Series of in-situ paintings to remember the colonial history of Belgium. DOK at Nucleo, Ghent, BE
Ariest, Peintre, Imbécile. Solo exhibition at Lindenlei, Ghent, BE

Artist of the Month. Zebrastraat, Ghent, BE
(And) Joy. Herentals Drisag, curated by Fred Michiels, BE

Artist of the Month, Zebrastraat, Ghent, BE
Transit Zone I: Nature Morte curated by Jan Verhaeghe/ Peinture vivante Laurier Bruges, BE
Soiree Belle, MSK Ghent, BE
A Duplex Infiltration. Solo exhibition curated by Peter Dedroog, Leuven, BE
The Smell of Paint. Solo exhibition at WOW Art Gallery, Hopstreet Brussels, BE

Artist of the Month, Zebrastraat Ghent, BE

Open studio Nucleo Ghent, BE
Solo exhibition at Norbertine Chapel Ghent, BE