Danila Tkachenko (b.1989) is a Russian artist whose sacred visual medium is photography. It's his way of interacting with the viewer, a means of forming concepts. Danila is the author of such sensational photography projects as Lost horizon (2016), Restricted areas (2013-2015), Motherland (2016-2017), Monuments (2017), Oasis (2018), Heroes (2019) and others.

Deep philosophical ideas lie at the heart of his work, unique photo projects preceded by detailed research. The artist examines the subject of historical memory and cultural and social heritage, the human urge for utopia, our endless pursuit of excellence through technological progress, the consequences of the impact on the history of mankind, a reverent attitude towards the concept of Homeland and the death of Russian peasant culture, nostalgia for the old ways, fear of uncertain future, seclusion, urbanisation, etc.

In the 8 years of his artistic career, the artist participated in more than 70 group and solo exhibitions around the world - from Russia to Europe, from Asia to North America. Danila is winner of prestigious art and photography awards (Kandinsky Prize, The New East Photo Prize, 30 under 30, Magnum photos, Leica Oskar Barnack Award, European Publishers Award For Photography etc.)

On 28 February NK Gallery will have the pleasure of introducing you to his work. The title of Danila Tkachenko's solo show is “Ghostlands”.

The photographs in the show are of full-fledged objects of total installations, fragments of large-scale performative actions presented by two photographic project series Motherland and Restricted areas. He explores, exposes and mystifies scientifically technical and religious objects of the Soviet utopian past (an airplane, an abandoned observatory, oil and gas pumping installations, a memorial at a nuclear station, etc.), placing them in the mysterious white matter, subtly reminding us of Malevich's 'White on White' composition.

Fragments of Soviet technological progress, historical monuments and large-scale units, literally covered with the patina of time, they are drowning in mist, being consigned to oblivion. Danila Tkachenko

creates a space where the constructs of time and space merge together, making everything become implicit, surreal. The objects in his photographs are at an indefinite distance, they can not be touched, they are barely visible, they are ghostly, immaterial. He reinterprets their significance, telling their stories and filling them with new meaning. Danila invites the viewer to reflect on the historical past and its faults.

Most of the shots from the Motherland and Restricted Areas series were taken in the former USSR, partially in modern Russia, which is now very different to the previous times, but still incredibly vast and barely perceptible. In all of Tkachenko's photographs for this show, there isn't a human figure to be found; without humans, everything seems lifeless and artificial, obscure and even dangerous. These restricted areas have now lost their meaning of obsolete utopian ideology. Powerful abandoned aggregates, places of forgotten scientific triumphs, colossal monuments that have lost their grandeur in the outstretched territories of Mother Russia, now being only frightening “giants”. Danila Tkachenko explains: “What's interesting for me is to witness what remains after progress has been put to an end. ”

Keeping the title “Ghostlands” in mind, we ask ourselves whether he’s referring to a place of ghostly, illusory, barely existing reality or maybe it's a space of obscurity, covered in mysteries of Russia's past, imbued with utopian dreams of a beautiful future? 

The Exhibition will be on view from February 28th till May 9th, 2020.


Opening hours: Friday till Saturday, 14.00 - 18.00.