NK Gallery is pleased to present ATTENDANCE TIME, the group exhibition by Russian artists Taisia Korotkova, Alexander Pogorzhelsky and Arkady Nasonov.


ATTENDANCE TIME is devoted to the phenomenon of a museum, which functions as a storage of a huge variety of artefacts, gathered and grouped according to the criteria, which are not always obvious and sometimes unexpected. The meaning of these objects is not clear to the unprepared audience, sometimes by virtue of their antiquity, and sometimes due to their innovativeness. At the same time the fact that a particular object is placed in the museum gives it a meaning and value. Works of Alexander Pogorzhelsky are devoted to ancient works of art, which deeply influenced the art of the 20th century and continues to influence the art of the 21st century, whereas the works by Taisia Korotkova feature the opposite - the latest technological advances.


TAISIA KOROTKOVA (°1980, Russian artist, lives in Milan, IT) works in hyperrealist style using egg tempera on gesso, the unique icon painting technique. This very old method, which demands considerable technical knowledge and skilled craftsmanship, creates a strong contrast to her paintings' subjects: new technology and science. Highly appreciated by Russian and European art professionals, she was awarded Kandinsky prize and participated in 3rd and 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Works by Taisia Korotkova are shown in Russian and European museums and included in public collections, among others in Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art.


ALEXANDER POGORZHELSKY (°1980, Russian artist, lives and works in Milan, IT) graduated from the prestigious Moscow Surikov Art Institute. Large-scale paintings by Pogorzhelsky are seemingly fast executed, yet based on attentive observation and careful and thought through concept. In his new series the artist explores similarities and differences in the representation of human body and household items in the various civilizations separated by thousands years, as well as in their relations with the imagery of the contemporary mass culture, reflected in the performances of the street artists. The works of the artist are in numerous public and private collections, among others the Museum of Modern Art Toyama, Japan, the Stella Art Foundation Moscow, Erarta Museum St. Petersburg.


ARKADY NASONOV (°1969, Russian artist, lives and works in Moscow, RU) belongs to Moscow conceptual art scene. Known for his humour and original ideas, the artist does not limit himself to a single art medium. His portfolio includes paintings, drawings, collages, videos, texts, albums and books, as well as performances and participation in films. Appreciated by the professional art community, Nasonov has got his works shown in a variety of public and private institutions in Russia (The State Tretyakov Gallery, Center of Contemporary Culture Garage, Vinzavod Art Centre among others) and abroad (New York, Paris, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc). NK Gallery presents his video work at “Attendance Time” exhibition.