NK Gallery is pleased to present INVASION, the solo exhibition of Kirill Chelushkin, Russian artist based in Paris.


‘Invasion’ deals with the omnipresent subject of power, domination and influence – would it be political arena, relations between countries, ever-permeating mass media manipulation or human-to-human attitude. One entity crosses the borders of the territory, controlled by the other entity – from personal and gender, to racial and geopolitical level, entry without consent has almost become an inalienable part of reality. Kirill Chelushkin reflects on the topic in its broader sense.


Though sober in colour, the canvases produce striking effect on the viewer: extensive use of light brings to life the depicted scene. The high exposure causes theatrical effect: as if lit by the stage lights, the figures of soldiers, men and women appear to be actors - suddenly we become spectators of an action: sleep after military operation, quarrel, intrusive telephone call, sights over post-destruction abandoned landscape…These illustrations of invasion, to which our eyes are taught to get used by daily media, recapture our loose attention; contrasting tones create focus on the dramatic content.


"Artist should always be in a conflict – it is his mismatch with the world, in all matters, and in fact this is a cause and the reason for his actions”, states Chelushkin.


Kirill Chelushkin (1968, lives and works in Paris and Moscow) practices art, which is essentially visual, focused on the surrounding reality. A true Renaissance man, he reveals his numerous talents through his creative work. Gifted a brilliant graphic skill and distinguished for the outstanding technique in graphite large-scale works, he alongside experiments with sculptures and video-installations. The artist had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the USA. His works are included in leading public and private collections, such as The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Itabishi Art Museum, Tokio; Bolzano Art Museum, Bolzano, Italy; Hero Hermes Collection, France; Bernard Arnault collection, France; ‘Ekaterina’ Foundation, Russia.