NK Gallery is pleased to present Lieu Magique, a solo exhibition by Stief Desmet.

The work of Stief Desmet (°1973) balances between two opposites, between culture and nature, between order and chaos. In his oeuvre he confronts  these opposite poles and combines them in a single work, in the hope to create a balance. The fundamental restlessness, typical for this artist, results in a broad spectrum of disciplines that he masters within his studio. Depending on the way, in which his concept is best translated, Desmet creates paintings, collages, installations, sculptures and even videos and performances. He is the example of the all-round artist who is not attached to one well-chosen medium.

The new works by Stief Desmet shown at NK Gallery include a series of tactile bronze sculptures, in which he wants to bring to the surface the poetry, deeply hidden in seemingly banal organic materials, which he found in his garden and orchard or in the vicinity of his studio. Alongside, shown are polyester sculptures, paintings and collages.

Desmet currently works on a permanent monumental bronze sculptural intervention in the inner city of Leuven. The artist has been multiple times awarded with prizes; on a regular basis he gets assignments for creating large-scale installations in public spaces. Stief Desmet's work is found in public spaces and in private collections in Belgium and abroad.