Piet Stockmans shows at NK Gallery his recent artistic work in porcelain. The artist steps back in the production by influencing the normal and purposeful process. This experiment is based on an existing mold, but the artist manipulates and even interrupts the conventional production process, so that a new, unique object is created. An object that is placed back in or next to the original mold.


These works depict no other reality, they only refer to themselves, they tell their genesis. Not only does the process remain clear, where the matter in the oven changes from solid to liquid and back, but also the molecular transformation at 1400 ° C in the oven, which shrinks the shape. All elements remain present, the final shape remains connected to the mold from which he emerged as a fetus and uterus. The organic nestled in the geometric . The spectator who wants to recognize and understand, is therefore faced at the same time with naturalness and astonishment, with rationality and mystery, with logic and beauty .


The exhibition will include wall works, works on the floor and an installation in situ, which will change slowly in the course of the exhibition due to the drying process.


Flor Bex


Honorary director Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp ( MUHKA )