NK Gallery is pleased to present COVERED, a group exhibition curated by Ariel Roger – Paris. Featuring works by 10 artists, the exhibition explores their ability to ‘cover’, to extend over several media, disciplines and a spectrum of cultural registers.

For this exhibition the curator brings together young artists from around the world. Presented together, they reveal a physical and conceptual experiment that redefines minimalism and seems to become a re-birth of the concept during the last 10 years.
COVERED features works that represent a broad range of practices, including video, installation, painting, drawing and sculpture. Among the works on view will be two works of Slavs and Tatars, an artists collective, who devote their work to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and West of the Great Wall of China known as Eurasia, drawings of Ivan Razumov, Moscow based artist, who has a remarkable technique and the outstanding sensitivity for the reality. Mitzi Pederson, American artist, will make a sculptural intervention, presented on the floor of the gallery.
We will introduce Alex Verhaest, the Belgian media-artist based in Amsterdam; in her ‘table prop’, inspired by 15th century painting and executed in the mechanics of film, she investigates inner psychology of an individual character, represented by a choice of the objects in the still life. Marisa Mandler, who works between Los Angeles and Berlin, appeals to subconscious and collective experience, signifying ‘negative space’ in her ‘Erasure’ piece on layered newspaper. Presented will be the works of Roman Liska, the German artist, based in Berlin, who combines reflective fabrics, mesh, gel, foam, metal in his research of motion and abstraction.

The artists included in the exhibition are Evan Gruzis, Gregor Hildebrandt, Kool Koor, Roman Liska, Marisa Mandler, Ivan Razumov, Marjolein Rothman, Slavs and Tatars, Daniel Turner, Alex Verhaest.